About sMaac Digital

sMaac Digital was created in 2017 due to frustrations with other marketing companies that over-promised and never delivered. We take pride in our honest, no-bullshit approach to building our partner’s brands. Here at sMaac Digital, we know the reality of marketing today is having digital to be highly integrated into your business. Owners who are trying to succeed with their brands, products, and services need to adopt similar digital and integrated strategies to really make a difference in this highly competitive new arena. The times are definitely changing and traditional marketing channels simply don’t have that much impact and effectiveness like they used to. Internet advertising already surpassed ad spending on cable and television networks – and that’s just the beginning! Every unique campaign we develop is focused to increase revenue, reduce costs, and create identifiable sales funnels. We strongly believe that digital marketing “IS A MUST”​ not “A MAYBE”​ to be integrated into an organization’s culture!


  • 2625 N. Meridian Street, Suite 46
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
  • (317) 260-8767

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